Who We Are

Our Mission

Home Glory Properties started with a simple desire to rebuild and rehabilitate houses in need of a second chance, to create homes for people in need of a second chance.

The lack of quality affordable housing is one of the greatest challenges facing our communities today. Renters often face a difficult choice between affordability and quality, and those on fixed incomes often have no choice but to live in sub-standard housing.

Our Story

It’s always been a passion of mine to rebuild, renew and rehabilitate people who have been broken down by life’s hardships.

                                               — Indira Hsu, Owner

After I had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ in my native India, I experienced what it was like for the God of the Universe to begin renewing and rehabilitating my confused and broken soul.

Over the years, God has given me many opportunities to extend that same grace to others who needed a second chance at life, whether it was an orphaned child in need of a new home, or a crushed wife/mother/daughter struggling to rebuild her life.

A few years ago while reading my Bible, the words of Isaiah 61 leapt out from the page: “They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.”

I prayed, “Lord, are you speaking to me? If so, how do I begin?”

To be sure, I had grown up in India watching my father manage various dam construction projects. And I also had a godfather in Florida who had renovated and transformed many houses as part of his real estate business.

Even so, was this something that I–along with my husband–would be able to do? Would a middle-aged former missionary couple really be able to pivot from rebuilding lives to rebuilding homes?

That’s how Home Glory Properties started: with a little bit of cash (drawn from our home equity), and a lot of prayer and sweat!

Our Core Values

We follow a handful of basic principles when we fix up old homes and rent them out: